Septic Tank Problems?


Septic tanks need to be inspected and pumped every three years.  Unfortunately, many people don’t think about their septic system until they begin to have problems with it.  Regular tank cleaning is important, because these systems often give little or no advanced warning that repairs are needed.  Toilets flushing slowly or overflowing, pooling of water around your septic system or in your basement, washing machine overflowing, or sinks backing up when you flush or do laundry are all indicators that your septic tank needs to be cleaned

Avalanche Septic Systems offers outstanding personal service from the beginning of your service call to its completion.  From your initial contact with us until the job is done, you will receive only our very best.  Our highly trained service technicians will haul away waste material to an approved processing facility, as well as advising you on repairs that may need to be made to keep your system at peak performance.